Turkish Coffee – A Journey Beyond Tradition

It’s not a secret that the Turks love tea, but there’s a special attachment that Turkey has to coffee, too. So much so, that Turkish coffee (or Türk kahvesi in Turkish) is world-renowned for its characteristic style of brew, taste, and even aesthetic. The Greeks and Armenians also hold claim to this style of coffee, calling it Greek coffee and Armenian coffee respectively, but we’d rather not get into that debate. Interestingly enough, the Turkish word for coffee, kahve, is just one stepping st

Rings of Smoke – A Nargile Tour of Istanbul

Since Istanbul is a cultural metropolis, you’ll find nargile served at many restaurants or cafes, and that’s great for anyone who wants to stop and unwind with a smoke. While that’s great, many places – especially in tourist areas – simply serve nargile for its novelty. Let’s face it, your Insta feed never suffers from a nargile-related photo. That being said, for those who want a great smoke from a nargile prepared by skilled staff, these are only some of the best places that one can visit in the city.

The Alhazen Identity

We assume you’ve been wondering about us. Our name may have generated a fair bit of curiosity. What is Alhazen Eyewear? Who is Alhazen? What’s the brand all about? First things first – We’re all about eyewear, as you’ve pieced together by our name. You may call them “shades” or “sunnies”, but we’ll have you know that Alhazen focusses on all aspects of sunglasses, from their protective quality and durability, to the way they can complete a look and make you look downright sexy. We bring the be