Home Decor - Wallpaper - Tesserae

Available in 3 colour variations, the combination of earthy tones and metallic hues offers a characteristic, almost ethereal quality to any living space. From Osborne & Little, the Tesserae exemplifies how the parts come together to create the whole – an unparalleled, non-woven wallpaper choice for an impeccable interior design palate. SKU W6754 Brand Osborne & Little Care Instructions Washable Collection Argentario Manufacturer Osborne & Little Pattern Match Random Match Repeat CMs 1 Roll Length (m) 10.00 Roll Width (cm) 52

Home Decor - Wallpaper - Mako

Bringing an understated sheen to the home, the textures of the Mako from Osborne & Little allow it to be used both as a bedroom or bathroom wallpaper. This non-woven choice makes for a spectacularly tasteful addition to your interior, easily complementing your décor choices while exuding class on its own terms. SKU W6303 Brand Osborne & Little Care Instructions Washable Collection Argentario Manufacturer Osborne & Little Pattern Match Random Match Repeat CMs 1 Roll Length (m) 10.00 Roll Width (cm) 52

Creative 8 | Premium Ground Coffee | Shop SA

This signature blend is inspired by the infamous Kopi Luwak, (real Kopi Luwak is made from coffee cherries naturally passing through the digestive system of the Asian Palm Civet). The popularity of Kopi Luwak has led to the widespread mistreatment of these animals. In our fight against animal cruelty, Trung Nguyen has developed a sustainable alternative that provides the deep, rich flavours of Kopi Luwak, without the Civet involved. This coffee is produced as an alternative to the Kopi Luwak, w

Espresso Specialist | Vietnamese Coffee Beans | Shop Now

While Vietnamese coffee is steeped in its own tradition, this region is also renowned for the sweet, spicy, and well-balanced 100% Arabica blends that it produces. Widely considered to be one of the best in Vietnam, this distinctive coffee promises a characteristic and signature option for espressos and espresso-based drinks. These whole beans are to be ground as you see fit – finely to be filled and tamped down for the espresso machine, or a more coarse ground if you prefer to try this blend

Creative 1 | Ground Coffee | Shop South Africa

Experience the legacy of over a century of coffee making with this, our boldest blend yet. Made from 100% highland Robusta peaberry, this medium roast is a full-bodied delight. It’s high caffeine concentration is bound to give you a running start to your day, or give you the boost you need, any time. This intense, dark, chocolatey flavour can stand up to plenty of milk and sugar, or ideally served with condensed milk for a more traditional Vietnamese flavour. The versatility of the drink is end


The sweeping, winged frames of these sunglasses feature gradient lenses which make navigating through your environment effortless. The Stellatus completes your transformation – it’s the supernova-feminine aesthetic that you’ve long searched for. UVA and UVB protection ensures that the world is no match for your gaze. Alhazen’s Stellatus is a scintillating beacon of style, inspired by the wonder of the cosmos itself. We’re fairly certain that there’s a starry essence at the soul of each pair tha

Ardeo - Pacificus

Rectangular frames and gradient lenses lend a commanding presence to this softly blazing pair of sunglasses. The Ardeo’s lenses feature UVA and UVB protection – while your eyes are shielded from the sun, everyone around is shielded from your determined gaze. The bridge has been removed over the nose, bringing a daring touch to otherwise vintage looks. Alhazen’s Ardeo, in 2 colour options, represents the different ways that ambition manifests – either through more subtle, collected drive, or thr

Volo - Eyewear

Aviator frames are an all-time great. You’ve noticed that these polarised sunglasses have been tweaked – a keen eye. These lightweight steel frames feature angular top corners for a more refined experience, while the bridge has been removed over the nose. Contemporary, yet iconic - a breath of fresh air. The Volo is an exclusive look in Alhazen’s Mizar collection, favouring those who prefer to soar over those who simply wish to stride. Timeless ingenuity meets seamless perfection.

Zenith - High-waisted leggings

The Zenith aesthetic speaks to individuals with a burning desire to keep going, to never stop. This bold, maroon pair of high-waisted leggings speaks to those who seek support, hot looks, and flexibility that supports them and matches their every move, featuring a pocket at the back. Sacrifice Now serves up fiery look in these leggings with that trademark striped touch to make you all the more potent in your training sessions. Features: Sweat-proof fabric that keeps you dry and comfortable during every session Breathable material makes sure that your skin is cool and keeping you from overheating Layered, for sufficient support and durability Flexible fabric developed to move with you and match your every move Squat-proof to withstand your most intense training
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